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Examination Centre

We are a registered examinations centre for Edexcel and OCR examination boards, offering a number of GCSEs, A levels and BTEC courses.

Intervention Programme

Our Intervention programme is to enlighten and refocus student’s minds on the significance of schooling, education and good behaviour.
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Referral Form

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  Welcome to RISE Education Independent School

RISE Education is a registered independent secondary school providing a therapeutic learning environment for all of its students.  Where schools are unable to meet the SEND or social emotional mental health needs of a student, RISE education will provide an educational setting where all can feel included and be successful.   RISE Education work in partnership with schools, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that every child’s educational needs are adequately met in line with prevailing policies.

Restore Inspire Support Empower

RISE Education is committed to quality and excellence, because we strongly believe that schools and local authorities deserve an alternative education partner that:
  • is responsive
  • flexible and reliable
  • strives to enable students to achieve quality
  • delivers a quality provision
  • has high expectation of its students
  • communicating measurable academic outcomes.

Why choose RISE

Because . . .
We care
We are flexible
We go the extra mile
We deliver on promises

What we offer

A school from school
Academic subjects
Tailored provision to meet individual needs
Nurturing but disciplined environment
Measurable outcomes



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